While most IT service firms profit from their clients expanding their IT infrastructure and increasing monthly IT maintenance and support budget for upgrading and troubleshooting; we don’t charge you unless we can reduce your overall IT bill by at least 30% AND at the same time enable your team to get things done faster by making things easier for them through streamlining processes in your business.

Here is how Blue Orange Solutions can do for your business: make your life easier by enabling you to get more work done in less time with less people anywhere and reduce your capital and ongoing IT costs.We boost your business productivity, connectivity, and accessibility, security at much reduced spending on technology infrastructure. And if we don’t, don’t pay us.

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What makes the cloud Attractive? 

Abstract Resources
Focus on your need, as needs change, so should your resources.

Scalability in Minutes
Scale up or down depend on usage.

Pay per Consumption
No long term commitment, pay only for what you use.

On Demand Provision
Ask for what you need, when you need, get rid of it when you don’t